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How to Have Return to Office Conversations

Making Sure Employees are Heard Planning a Return to the Office Are you dreading the conversations with your team about

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Data Analysis & Energy Use

Optimizing Energy Use With Data Tracking Technology How much energy is your business or office really using? This can be a

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Digital Workplace Must-haves for the Future of Work

Essential Ingredients to a Successful Hybrid Office If you’re like nearly everyone else, you are scrambling to pull together a

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Air Quality and Workplace Health 

How Health Influences Workplace Activity & Productivity It has been known for decades that fresh air and sunlight are beneficial

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Productivity and Design: Why We Need a Change of Focus

Are We Giving the Office Too Much Credit? We hear so much about how the design of an office can

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Leadership & Authenticity in the Office

Inspiring and Leading Colleagues in the Workplace How many positions in the world are occupied by employees who are uninspired

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Modern Workplaces and Employee Experiences

How Modern Workplaces Help Shape the Employee Experience Employee Culture and Post-Pandemic Workplaces  Our offices have changed drastically over the

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Turning Buildings Green With Sustainability

How green buildings and sustainable practices help businesses & the environment We’re surrounded by messaging to turn our everyday practices

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Digital Twins & Facilities Management

How Digital Twins and data can improve business practices Digital Twins and Their Advantages  We all remember seeing movies and

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Smart Environments Forming Smart Workplaces

How Smart Buildings can Positively Influence the Workplace Smart environments and the smart cities they will make up are the

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Facilities Management Demand Expected to Increase

Pandemic Brought Increased Demand for Facilities Upgrades Covid-19 changed many of our shopping lists and we saw demand for things

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city skyline at dawn with pink and blue skies

How Business Can Prepare for Smart Cities

Leveraging Smart Environments for Organizational and Community Improvements Businesses have transformed their building operations over the pandemic to optimize health

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