Boosting Your Asset Performance with IWMS

Increase ROI with intelligent facility asset management

Technology can help fulfil the constant demand for cost and energy efficiency in facilities and asset management, keeping your organization competitive and attractive to modern talent.

Effective data management is key to both improving and optimizing your existing systems, assets, and space.

With Data Management software, data is automatically extracted, stored, and analyzed to provide information on the past and project the future and deliver real-time solutions. As a result, you get insights into not only what is happening but why it happens for effective decision-making and proactive action, ultimately reducing both costs and harms.

Data management can be a long, arduous process, but it doesn’t have to be. Horizant provides custom solutions designed with your needs, goals, and values in mind to help you achieve all you can be. Contact us today to start your actualization journey.


Asset Management

Lifecycle Asset Management provides an integrated view of all assets, allowing you to optimize the use of all assets throughout their full operational lifecycle.

Asset Management software optimizes capital and other asset investments through integrated asset management throughout the service lifecycle and improves the use of every asset with centralized asset management and tracking.

By reducing excess asset inventory with a clear understanding of actual needs, the Archibus Asset Management application enables better decisions, helps avoid unnecessary expenditures and extends asset lifecycles.

Only with Archibus Data Management software can you manage every aspect of your network infrastructure to facilitate planning, improve asset management, and enhance customer service.

Archibus Data Management enables you to:

  • Centralize to effectively manage your asset inventory
  • Track the condition of your assets throughout their lifecycle to enhance accountability
  • Budget your assets with a full view of costs through reporting and dashboard functionalities
  • Preserve your high-value assets by extending their lifecycle to save unnecessary costs
  • Enable the planning and implementation of a full life cycle strategy

Horizant helps you achieve a complete understanding of your asset portfolio. Our team of dedicated experts will guide you through maximizing asset utility, finding efficiencies, and increasing satisfaction.

Contact us today to start the conversation.

Facility Operations & Maintenance

Trade complex, resource-intensive work for easy, cost-effective work with Facility Maintenance Management software.

The common maintenance solutions followed by most organizations tend to effectively reward failure when maintenance only occurs on a run-to-failure basis.

Industry developments such as Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) software have been developed to enable you and your team shift to a proactive mindset by organizing, tracking, managing, and analyzing facility maintenance data.

Archibus Maintenance Management systems provide additional benefits due to the data-centric, root-cause emphasis, which all contribute directly to bottom-line performance. Automated monitoring practices associated with proactive maintenance can further reduce the load on technical personnel by improving accountability and minimizing troubleshooting and inspection time.

The ideal maintenance program is a balanced maintenance strategy that uses a medley of proactive, preventative and reactive maintenance modes to maintain efficient and effective operations. Archibus helps you achieve this balance by facilitating proper planning and scheduling of your maintenance strategy.

Maintenance costs can never be eradicated, but they can be redirected. Focusing your time, money, and energy with the help of Facility Maintenance Management software will result in a massive reduction in reactive tasks, ultimately saving long-term costs that will only grow.

Archibus Maintenance Management is the essential tool for any successful maintenance program as:

  • It facilitates data capture, analysis and management, enabling improved forecasting of maintenance and capital budgets
  • It is an innovative and cost-effective means to incorporate intelligent analytics into maintenance practices and drive proactive, data-centric solutions.
  • Its intuitive and user-friendly dashboards and features make advanced maintenance processes logical and accessible.
  • It automates the steps of the on-demand maintenance management process, from requests and approvals to scheduling, work order issuance, and completion and feedback.
  • Its self-service functionality helps lower operating costs and increase customer satisfaction by enforcing process control and keeping information current, accessible, and actionable.
  • It simplifies the request, dispatch, and feedback processes of maintenance management tasks to improve service provision.
  • It reduces operating costs through automated workflows and streamlined communication.
  • It provides a seamless link to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to enforce standards and increase efficiency.

React with speed and precision to unforeseen maintenance requests and plan a proactive maintenance strategy to prevent costly breakdowns. Horizant offers an array of customizable asset management software packages tailored specifically to your needs.

Contact us to learn more about the top-of-the-line solutions we offer.



Take a proactive approach to complex compliance requirements effectively to help mitigate risk, ensure safe work environments, and reduce administrative burdens.

Once you understand what standards and regulations apply to your facilities and when they need to be in place, you need a way to track and manage your workplace’s compliance.

A centralized planning and management tool like Archibus Compliance Management makes planning and tracking much more accessible and ensures your compliance over time throughout the evolution of codes and mandates.

With Archibus Compliance Management, work orders are instantly accessible, and updates can be recorded in real-time, along with details and cost information. Custom reports and audit trails provide leadership with both workplace solutions and peace of mind.

Integration with the full suite of Archibus applications and other industry-leading systems allows you to gain a holistic understanding of your own built environment and how it works.

With your workplace compliance facilitated by Archibus Compliance Management, you can be sure to:

  • Achieve and maintain regulatory and code compliance
  • Avoid regulatory penalties
  • Provide safe, efficient, and productive work environments
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Prevent costly disruptions such as occupational injuries, property damage, and shutdowns
  • Ensure optimal accessibility by trialling scenarios

Leave it to our experts to ensure your workplace Compliance Management system is optimized for your needs, location, and work.

As the leading integrators of Archibus in North America with extensive experience in various industries, we have the expertise you can trust.

Condition Assessment

Mitigate risks and reduce costs by efficiently tracking and managing maintenance liabilities, achieving a closed-loop process for corrective action.

Supporting your facility asset management with Condition Assessment software optimizes your resources and improves efficiency. By enabling the proactive identification of deficiencies, you can extend the lifecycle of assets, demonstrate how costs are associated with corrective measures to justify budgets and reduce administrative work by establishing a closed-loop assessment and resolution process.

Archibus Condition Assessment mitigates risks by prioritizing problems for correction based on objective measures and organizational needs. The application associates potential costs with identified deficiencies, including life and safety code violations, environmental issues, and more.

Effective Condition Assessment with Archibus means you can:

  • Track asset condition, plan for maintenance, and prepare budget scenarios anytime, from anywhere
  • Utilize an automatic, objective, and systematic framework for prioritizing work
  • Improve information accuracy and consistency through analytics and reporting tools
  • Reduce downtime due to breakdowns and associated costs
  • Extend asset service life and decrease required resources

At Horizant, we are all about getting the most out of what you already have, and your maintenance strategy plays a significant role in optimizing your assets.

Elevate your facility asset management with Condition Assessment tools today.

Sustainability & Risk Management

When it comes to protecting and managing your workforce, effective solutions depend on understanding what’s happening in real-time.

Archibus offers a broad range of environmental health and safety (EHS) applications to have a sustainability and risk management software system that allows you to track safety incidents and outcomes and ensure you have all the information you need to take effective action.

With EHS software solutions, you can easily track and manage key performance indicators and mitigate risk to reduce an organization’s carbon footprint and achieve other environmental goals. Securing sustainability certification goals for individual buildings or across an entire portfolio is simple with automatic data collection, analytics, and reporting.

Facility asset management goes beyond the use cycle – track and manage waste streams from generation through disposition to minimize health and regulatory risk with software solutions that do the work for you, so you don’t have to bet your hands dirty.

EHS software solutions support your risk management strategies and ensure business continuity and expedited recovery in the event of a crisis. It allows you to control workplace safety incidents, training, medical monitoring, and work restrictions.

Unlock the potential of Archibus Sustainability & Risk Management software:

  • Define and track health and safety incident reporting with automated workflows to ensure safety and wellness throughout scenarios and environments
  • Instantly assign follow up actions, like enhanced cleaning protocols by location, and ensure janitorial teams are protected with the right PPE
  • Stay informed with real-time updates on configurable, interactive dashboards— and drill down into the data as needed
  • Generate reports outlining processes and compliance to gain a comprehensive understanding of risk
  • Understand your organization’s environmental impact to improve your workplace environment and reputation

Horizant has helped over 150 public and private organizations make better decisions with data and technology.

We can help you understand what data you have or need to confirm your EHS processes are working, or if not, to pivot the right way.


Smart Facility Asset Management Powered by Data


Highly visual interface gives you instant clarity via colour coding on charts and maps, supported by trend lines and aggregate numbers. Drill down to get the details, switching between tables and charts with one click. Current, projected, and historical data are all just another click away.


Integration of all relevant information within one robust management planning tool allows you to implement, evaluate and assess your workplace against various criteria. All communications can be accomplished directly through the program, minimizing the loss of information and ensuring clarity and organization.


Assign tasks to team members from anywhere, anytime. Information dynamically updates as new data is sent to the system, helping you see and understand the impact of both expected and unexpected events. Stakeholder feedback can be continuously collected with built-in survey capability.

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