Technical Support,
Expert User Services, &
Software Subscription

These services are specifically designed to support all aspects of a client’s functional needs and technology infrastructure. Please see below to understand how these services can be applied to your business and take advantage of the comprehensive offerings from Horizant’s experts.

Technical Support

Technical Support Plan

The Technical Support Plan is designed to support the client’s production environment. This plan entitles your organization to an unlimited number of Technical Support Incidents, valid for a period of one year from the date of activation.

Scope of Technical Support Plan:

  • Technical Support allows plan participants (“Authorized Contacts,” see below) to identify and confirm reports of features or functions of the covered software which may not be performing according to the documentation and submit focused tickets regarding these deficiencies.
  • Horizant will provide resolutions or “workarounds” for confirmed deficiencies and may escalate the Incident to the manufacturer’s product engineering team for resolution.
  • Technical Support is provided via the Support Web site to the client’s name Authorized Contacts (two contacts per contract).
  • Please see “Technical Support Agreement” for additional details on severity definitions and response parameters.


  • Technical Support does not cover non-production environments; active projects or expert user services address non-production instances.
  • Technical Support does not cover services such as training, configuration, and installation. Active projects or expert user services address these types of requests.
  • At the discretion of Horizant technical support, a technician may report to the client site in situations where technical issues cannot be resolved via a remote support call. Travel and accommodation expenses are not included. Alternatively, Horizant technical support may opt to work on replicating the issue at the Horizant lab.
  • Technical Support Programs provide coverage for the entire scope of the software license by the End-User. Technical Support Programs cannot be purchased for individual software components.
  • The Technical Support Fee must be paid in full before Horizant provision of support services.
  • Engineers are available from the hours of 09:00 am to 19:00 pm, Monday through Friday (Eastern Time Zone) on days Horizant is open for business.

Expert Services

Expert User Time Blocks

The Expert Services provide assistance with using the software product features. The plan is intended to supplement technical support to assist with specific services such as report creation, installation, configuration, feature use, and system customization. The consumption of Expert User Hours is administered and controlled by the client’s authorized user(s). Expert User Services require scheduling to ensure availability of appropriate resources based on client requests and do not follow the severity definitions and response parameters as outlined in the “Technical Services Agreement.” Please refer to Expert Services Agreement for details on the service level agreements.

Expert Services will be provided on-site if necessary, although travel disbursements will need to be arranged as an additional cost item. The Expert User Services are sold as a pre-paid fixed package of hours.

Service Features

With any plan, two (2) named individuals (“Authorized Contacts”) from your organization may open a Technical Support Ticket or an Expert Services Request via the Support Web site or other mechanisms Horizant may make available. The default method of communication is through the Horizant website where clients can complete a Ticket Intake Form.

Create a ticket with Horizant support

Subscription Plan

In addition to the service contracts listed herein, Horizant also offers clients a software subscription plan that is intended to ensure that the client’s software installation is maintained at the most current version. The plan includes any new version of the software which is released during the plan’s contract period. Additionally, the plan includes any software updates released by the software manufacturer during the contract period. Please note that the labour to install the software or upgrade the underlying database is not covered under this agreement.

Contact Horizant for service and software support through one of our three plans

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