Where Flexibility and Efficiency Collide

Cloud technologies designed to get your business where it needs to be quicker while prioritizing ROI. Horizant makes workplaces good for business and great for people by providing an easy-to-implement, flexible, and scalable platform that manages an entire built environment and integrated data – no matter the size or location.


Horizant’s Methodology

The core of the Horizant approach is agility – adapting to a fast-paced industry, evolving client demands, and mastering new technologies, all while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our vision is to enhance the human experience in the workplace, and we demonstrate this vision our efforts from client service to product development.

We see our clients as partners in our search for new ways to enhance work and life. Therefore, dependability is integral to our company as we offer not one-time purchases but investment into partnerships for our client’s continued growth and development.

Why Horizant?

  • Rated North America’s leading integrator of Archibus technologies
  • Team of experienced professionals dedicated to your projects
  • Expert advice on the best technology solutions that lead to faster results and ROI
  • Data-driven insights for workplace performance optimization

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