Smart Portfolio Management with IWMS

A Holistic Approach for the Bigger Picture

It’s a cycle.

Lease and real estate portfolio management software leads to less time spent on manual work and more time spent on growing your organization and being successful in other efforts. When your portfolio expands, you can count on technologies and tools to handle the extra workload without any wasted time or effort, letting you invest more resources in your business.

A Portfolio Management software system is critical to fast growth as it allows you to easily create the reports your stakeholders want to see. Not only will you benefit from the efficiency, but all relevant information will be automatically distributed on a predictable basis, allowing for better planning of significant decisions.

At Horizant, we aim to strike a balance between customization and system optimization. We provide IWMS portfolio management solutions that let you tailor your system to suit your own needs while also having all the built-in functions you are likely to need.

Capital Projects

Ensure your solutions are more powerful than your problems – leverage Capital Project Management software to simply manage complex capital project schedules and budgets.

Project Management has never been simpler.

Implement your projects with a system that shares data and connects stakeholders to one central database, from planning through to completion, with Archibus Capital Projects. By leveraging the power of technology, you can gain a top-down perspective of project priorities, actions, and costs.

Capital Project Management software facilitates a collaborative process to allow project members to synchronize information at different locations or organizational units by streamlining project oversight through consolidated milestones, tasks, and status changes. Furthermore, the web-based interface means the program is accessible from anywhere, anytime.

By summarizing all capital planning activities in a consistent format to coordinate activities and budget resources, you can achieve improved, centralized strategic planning across the organization. The software also enables trial scenarios to reduce business interruption and cost overruns. It seamlessly integrates condition assessment, capital budgeting, and project management functions to better allocate budget and resources for complete end-to-end capital planning.

Benefit from the capabilities of Archibus Capital Project software:

  • Track and manage multiple project phases through standardized workflows from anywhere, anytime
  • Connect stakeholders through a single management system with tailored access
  • Ensure that projects remain on schedule and within budget
  • Collect valuable benchmarking data for future projects with only a few clicks
  • Reduced administrative burden of capital planning by leveraging existing data

Horizant wants to see your projects succeed, and we have to know-how to get you there.

Contact our team of experts to learn more about how Capital Project software can optimize your workplace today.

Lease Management

Lease management software maximizes the value you get from your spaces, from how well you use your space to the return on investment it can generate.

Your office’s lease is likely one of your most significant expenses, and since it is not the most flexible of assets, the best you can hope to do is get the most out of every square foot.

How Archibus Lease Management improves the performance of both leased and owned properties in your portfolio:

  • Financial and operational benchmarking
  • Generating summary reports to forecast opportunities and identify investment risks
  • Accelerating property return-on-investment by optimizing space utilization
  • Using GIS capabilities for graphical portfolio representation to improve analysis of real estate metrics

Lease Management software stores all data centrally and electronically, meaning it is there, ready and waiting whenever it needs to be accessed. And the more information you have at your fingertips, the more informed your decision-making will be.

Save time and resources by centralizing and automating much of your lease administration. In addition, by centralizing these processes, you have easy access to key lease data and related financial information.

Using Archibus Lease Administration software ensures you can:

  • Manage your entire portfolio in a single database
  • Locate lease information through an interactive map
  • Edit leases and generate key reports from an easy-to-navigate dashboard
  • Automate tracking of leases and payment alerts to stay on top of deadlines
  • Easily validate invoices
  • Reduce processing time and administrative overhead

Incorporating lease management software into your integrated workplace management system introduces a vital layer of insight, essential for realizing the full value of a lease. This integration becomes especially significant as your company expands, emphasizing the importance of effective portfolio management.

Contact our team today to see for yourself the benefits of Archibus.


Portfolio Management

Renters, lessors, and owners can record, manage, and analyze detailed real estate information to assess the portfolio, mitigate risk and improve profitability.

Staying on top of workplace day-to-day operations, recent trends, and analyzing real-time spending is necessary for responsive management and workplace optimization.

Archibus Portfolio Management tracks and evaluates your properties’ operational and financial performance on an individual or portfolio basis, offering real property solutions and management techniques.

Project costs and simplified portfolio planning support your space utilization strategies. Evaluate, forecast, and allocate space needs and associated occupancy costs throughout multiple scenarios.

Archibus Portfolio Management reduces administrative costs through rapid projection and allocation capabilities and projects annual costs to departments based on baseline Portfolio Scenarios.

Optimize your entire real estate strategy by leveraging data to evaluate costs and occupancy with visual dashboards and metrics across your portfolio. Portfolio Management software gives you access to reports that let you identify trends and understand how your leases and operations impact your core business to inform your strategy.

Experience the difference data-informed Portfolio Management makes:

  • Improve and have confidence in your portfolio inventory accuracy
  • Leverage sophisticated data analysis through benchmarking, KPIs, trends analysis, and projections
  • Visualize through several methods the total impact and effectiveness of real estate spending
  • Improve root cause analysis to easily isolate and effectively resolve problems
  • Reduce administrative costs through automation and organizational capabilities

Intelligent Portfolio Management for Real Property Returns


See a real and rapid return on investment on your IWMS software and experience the benefits that will only grow as you do.


Leverage the automation, organization, and regulatory capabilities of Archibus software systems to reduce or eliminate unnecessary labour, asset, and space costs.


We believe fostering connections between technology and people are paramount for continued success and long-lasting partnerships.

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