IWMS Technology that Transforms Workplace Space Management

Leveraging Technology to Improve the Office Experience

Promote space utilization efficiency, reduced carbon footprints, and flexible work arrangements through integrated workplace management solutions and services.

The employee desire for the flexibility and spaces that create a collaborative, cohesive company culture will characterize the future of our workplaces.

Bringing all relevant data points like spaces, workplaces, and people together in one central workplace management system is essential to professional space management and workplace innovation. It will enable you to respond effectively to future demands and set you up for success in the long run.

Horizant specializes in tailored workplace management software to provide solutions that will meet your unique organizational needs.


Implementing reservation systems through an integrated workplace management system lowers real estate and associated costs. It achieves this by improving space utilization, reducing overall carbon emissions and workplace operating costs through a smarter, more efficient facilities footprint. Additionally, it provides flexibility to accommodate a mobile workforce.

The workplace is becoming an increasingly dynamic space, requiring new capabilities and functionalities to support your systems.

Desk and room reservation will play an integral part in the return-to-office and beyond, supporting space management strategies such as phased reopening, hybrid work, hot-desking, office hotelling, and ensuring equal access to office resources.

Reservations allow you to:

  • Increase the ratio of occupants to desks as employees and visitors schedule their use of workspaces in advance and on an as-needed basis.
  • Optimize your office space while reducing overhead costs by making space management more efficient.
  • Mitigate issues such as double-booking and false scarcity for desk bookings and meeting room reservations alike.
  • Provide site-specific information such as amenities, accessibility, and current occupancy, improving efficiency and employee satisfaction.
  • Track office occupancy for improved service and safety in real-time, making it easy for employees and visitors to reserve their ideal space.
  • Methodically collect data on occupancy and usage levels to inform decision-making so that available space can better align with real needs.

Benefiting both employees and leadership, IWMS reservation systems will quickly become a workplace expectation.

Modernize your office for the future of work today.

Service Desk

Service Desks provide a centralized, self-service portal for service requests to increase organizational efficiency and reduce administrative costs.

Leave behind the frequent errors and missed priorities that result from service requests not being appropriately handled common to manual systems. When you adopt a Service Desk application system, you have access to various time- and cost-saving benefits.

As a web-based application, Archibus Service Desk sees that all requests are moved automatically through the service request cycle from creation to completion via cloud technology. Service Level Agreements (SLA) designations guide requests’ authorization, prioritization, routing, and completion.

The self-service interface allows for efficient access to commonly requested services, including moves, adds, changes, room reservations, project management, facilitating and simplifying servicing processes.
Service Desk application technology:

  • Streamlines requests for all services through simple forms, intelligent workflows, and automated notification of status changes.
  • Reduces administrative overhead and operating costs by creating a self-service environment.
  • Increases efficiency by enforcing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to control resource access and standards.
  • Improves performance measurement and analysis, elevating customer satisfaction.

Service Desks increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Experience the benefits of smart service management by implementing an integrated workplace management system today.

Space Management

The pandemic has reshaped the purpose of the modern office and how we think about office space utilization and optimization. Technology holds the key to navigating the dynamic workplace of the future.

Today’s modern offices are spaces of collaboration, focus, and creativity. Therefore, the goal of space management is no longer merely to reduce costs but to be seen as a key factor in the larger objectives of organizations and their employees.

Especially now that employees can work from anywhere, the office has to compete with the amenities and benefits of other spaces. Creating a space that is conducive to work, one that makes employees feel comfortable, empowered, and safe, is now more critical than ever. Your office set-up should reflect this and facilitate the types of interactions and engagements your employees seek.

Archibus Space Management software provides you with the tools you need to optimize your office space with its data collection and analytics capabilities.

Archibus Move Management application further simplifies space management during times of transition by reducing the complexity, risk, time, cost, and downtime associated with moving by centralizing and organizing all move orders and associated information.

The Smart Archibus Dashboard helps enable continuous process improvement with rules-based workflow processes, trial layout functionalities and move analytics to optimize space and asset utilization.

Archibus Space and Move Management systems guarantees:

  • Immediate, accurate reporting of occupancy statistics for space usage and re-balancing purposes.
  • Improve forecasting accuracy for future needs based on current room availability and planned occupancy growth.
  • Simplify employee assignment and wayfinding to temporary or permanent available space using floorplan and IoT integration.
  • Streamline move/add/change processes, from single-person to multi-phased moves, including requests, approvals, and updates.
  • Reduce overall costs, optimize churn rates, and minimize organizational disruption due to automatic and predictive capabilities for improved customer satisfaction.
  • Improve communication, coordination, and collaboration between in-house and external resources.
  • Rapid integration with existing HR and financial systems, enabling timely distribution of updated information, including floor plans and maps, checklists, cloud documents, and chat functions.

A move management system is an evolution in moving management as it transforms back-end organization from a manual liability into an automated competitive advantage.


Strategic Space Planning

Regardless of your workplace model, strategic space planning increases the resilience of your business as the future of work becomes increasingly dynamic.

Establishing greater flexibility in how, where, and when work is done enhances productivity and job satisfaction as employees can do what is best for their unique needs and tasks.

Strategic space planning is necessary to successfully navigate dynamic workplace models. It means balancing and making use of a wide range of space and workplace allocation processes for different concepts, including fixed, shared, or dynamic space and workplace usage to cater to the needs of your organization and employees.

In addition, real estate, infrastructure and facilities professionals require the ability to integrate and adjust existing space to align with the strategic space plan. These goals are made simple and efficient by Strategic Space Planning software.

Archibus Space Planning applications reduce the effort needed to accomplish your space goals by integrating key stakeholders’ information in a single, central enterprise information model.

With Space Planning software behind your efforts, you can:

  • Optimize space planning and forecasting at all levels-from the portfolio, from city and site/campus to the building and room levels.
  • Offer your workforce easy access to meeting rooms and flexible workplaces.
  • Plan short, medium, and long-term simulated trial scenarios for organizations of all sizes.
  • Simplify strategic space planning by leveraging existing space inventory and use information.
  • Ensure that key stakeholders envision and optimize plans with detailed event-driven scenarios, including space configuration/allocation, leased/owned properties, and projects.

Optimize your space utilization and occupancy rates by using integrated workplace management data to inform your space usage and planning for future expansion, consolidation, or re-balancing.


Discover the Benefits of Integrated Workplace Management Systems


Easy navigation from anywhere using cloud-based connectivity and mobile compatibility.


Automation and smart functionality mean the software does the heavy lifting for you.


Information and data sharing throughout your Archibus software as well as with other gold standard and legacy systems.

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