Version 2023.03 of Archibus launches exciting new updates and features with a focus on OnSite, BIM viewer, and Workplace. 

Quick notes; 

  • OnSite gets a large update improving usability, configurability, and data integrity. 
  • BIM Viewer gets a usability upgrade, as well as additional support for large construction models. 
  • Key booking modifications features starting to come to workplace. 
  • Solidifying integrations, expanding occupancy sensor features and officially adding wayfinding. 

BIM Viewer 

Updates to BIM viewer include quality of life changes like faster navigation speeds with fewer popups and a better use of screen space, with key actions in a right-click menu. This intuitive feature reduces eases navigation for users.

Larger models are easier to work with, allowing for easier navigation. Linked models can be shown, and additional construction documents (PDF, DWG, and IFC) can be viewed right from the BIM Viewer to streamline workflows. 

Additionally, tagged furniture assets are now connected to their Archibus data and can therefore be managed in the viewer. 


Small updates to Workplace, with upcoming non-recurring meetings can be modified right in Workplace. This is a key addition for users with full schedules who are juggling commitments and may need to adjust meeting details. 

Modify single meeting bookings (not recurring) can be modified. Location, date, time, name and attendees can be changed. Previously users would need Web central to make these changes, or would need to cancel and re-create a meeting to see adjustments, so this adds significant value to Workplace. Hopefully it leads to more complete modification features in future. 

Wayfinding official release: The Mapsted-integrated wayfinding features are now officially available to those with Mapstead.


In OnSite, work team members can now review and self-assign work that is meant for their team. Give mobile service providers and maintenance personnel the power to optimize their time and stay on top of the queue. 

Optional work timer for working on a ticket. Simplify time tracking and improve accuracy, while manual entry is still an option. Instead of entering time manually, you can run a timer in OnSite while working and stop it when done. Depending on the site, this can improve the accuracy of time reporting while also simplifying data entry. 

Prompt for key data on completion, such as what repair was required, what caused an issue, and how much downtime resulted. Get the information while it is still fresh, to optimize facilities and services delivery. OnSite can now prompt for certain data upon marking a ticket as complete. This can include “other cost” info, as well as diagnostics like cause type, repair type, downtime. This can ensure supporting info is available for larger reporting aggregates. 


Wayfinding is now officially available, in partnership with Mapsted. 

Those with occupancy sensors can now report on trends over time out-of-the-box, looking for peaks and valleys in space usage and responding accordingly.