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How Can Informatics Make the Post-COVID Workplace Safe and Secure?

Benefits of Health Data Management During Reopening and Beyond Workplace health and safety has reached new levels of both salience

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How Green Buildings Improve Our Health

Continuing the Case for Sustainable Design Green building as a design approach emerged around twenty-five years ago as a result

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Recent Report: 33% of Remote Workers Might Quit if Asked to Return to Work Full Time

Canadian Survey Reveals Employee Sentiments towards the Return to Office Don’t take it from us. A recent report by Canadian

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Where do I get my coffee? Webinar Recording – NOW AVAILABLE

JUNE 25, 2021- What do you get when you put an urban planner, an IWMS expert, a geospatial analyst, and

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Move Management Software: What Is It & What Are the Benefits?

Optimizing Your Office Moves and More The benefits of move management software may not be evident at first – haven’t

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How Effective Space Management Can Save Lives

Design Efficiency in Emergency Departments Overcrowding is a common occurrence in emergency departments worldwide. It causes poor patient satisfaction and

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How the Pandemic Has Changed Office Space Management

Emerging Trends and New Trajectories for Office Spaces When thinking about how the pandemic has impacted office spaces, the first

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Identifying Proactive vs. Reactive Maintenance Management Programs

Pros, Cons, and How to Make the Switch No organization would say that they reward failure. It even sounds silly.

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Future-Proofing Entrance Security Now

How the Pandemic Has Transformed Building Access Security While the last year and a half has been challenging, the positive

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What to Consider When Investing in Lease Management Software

And Why It’s Worth It Your office’s lease is probably one of your most significant expenses, and since it is

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Ventilation in the Fight Against COVID-19

Best Practices to Improve Building Safety It is common knowledge that COVID-19 is primarily transmitted via close contact with an

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Assessing the Need for In-Office Work During Transition

What To Consider Before Setting Reopening Dates As we approach the end of the pandemic, many corporate leaders are putting

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