We’re back with another “What’s new in Archibus” in 2023! So far, Archibus by Eptura saw beneficial improvements throughout the platform, making for a more user-friendly and intuitive experience. 

These improvements feature leaps for three major areas of Archibus; the BIM viewer, Workplace, and OnSite modules. All of these were highly anticipated up to their widespread launch, with OnSite giving transparency and improving communications on maintenance projects. 

In this iteration of “what’s new” we’re going to look at the exciting previews of upcoming features. Here’s a walkthrough from Nick Liko, our Technical Sales Engineer.


OnSite offline mode is on the way, so users can keep working in low-connection locations without the worry of missing log entries on a big project. Along with this, configurable synchronization rules to limit data conflicts are on the way. More configured rules and less data conflicts lead to fewer issues in collaborative areas of the platform. 

Finally for ease of use, navigation convenience with a footer bar will be added for more efficient navigation in the app.  

BIM Viewer 

Room highlighting brings space console-style functionality into 3D with basic highlighting, attribute-based highlighting, and even highlighting by equipment systems serviced locations. Highlighting assists in visualizing what spaces would be impacted by an electrical system repair, for example 

Additionally, some features may seem familiar to Revit users. Review sheets and views from the web, saving time if needing to look at annotations. As a result of this, Revit properties are reviewable right from the web.  

Finally, rendering is sped up, so users can get right to information extraction and not have to spend as much time waiting for image rendering.  


In Archibus workplace, service requests and meetings are due to get some additional power. 

Service requests get configurable questionnaires to get more info from requestors, as well as document upload for even more detail to finish the request quickly. 

Meanwhile, meeting room search is set to include more detail to find the right space, and once booked, meeting invitees can be reviewed. This functionality gives organizers control over every aspect to ensure things go smoothly in the office. 


Small changes in the system, with asset data structure improving to track a variety of asset types more easily, many of which are tracked in BIM, benefitting from the BIM updates mentioned previously. 

What to look forward to 

There’s more coming down the pipeline, including; 

  •  wayfinding for desk and meeting room bookings 
  • Find your space in an unfamiliar building – ask us for a preview! 
  • Sample sensor integrations to show what is possible and speed implementation  


We’ll be continuing with Archibus what’s new to make sure that all upcoming releases are outlined here for you before they drop! Knowing what’s coming can help you strategize and prepare your workplace for the new functionalities coming to Archibus.