Workplace Management Services

Space Inventory and PerformanceAccommodations (Personnel & Occupancy, Room Reservations, Hoteling)

Personnel & Occupancy

With workplace management services, optimize space utilization and occupancy rates by improve planning capability to accommodate future expansion, consolidation, or re-balancing. The application provides immediate, accurate reporting of occupancy statistics for space usage and re-balancing purposes, improves forecasting accuracy for future needs based on current room availability and planned occupancy growth, and simplifies the assignment of employees to temporary or permanent available space using highlighted drawings.

Key reports and summary tables include:

  • View Employees by: Location, Division and Department Standard
  • View Employee Average Area by: Category and Type, Room Standard
  • View Employee Departmental Analysis by: Building, Floor, Location Locate Employee, View Occupiable Vacant Rooms, Highlight Occupiable Vacant Rooms, View Available Rooms, Assign Employees to Available Rooms, View Occupancy Plan

Room ReservationHoteling

Room Reservations


Promote space utilization efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and flexible work arrangements through shared workplace management services. The program lowers real estate and associated costs by improving space utilization and enabling the disposition of excess inventory. It reduces overall carbon emissions and workplace operating costs based on a smaller, more efficient facilities footprint and provides flexibility to accommodate a mobile workforce. The application allows the easy implementation of chargebacks to encourage responsible and efficient use of space.

ARCHIBUS offers a full suite of activities; functional components that address an enterprise-wide solution and also offers the ability to share data among other gold standard and legacy systems. Protect systems of record and ensure the dynamic use of the most current data including, but not limited to, human resource and financial systems with ARCHIBUS.


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