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Close up of a tablet displaying charts of data.

Why Acquiring Relevant Business Data Matters

Knowledge is power, and the quest to constantly gain more comes through how information is acquired and processed. The best

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A design document displayed on a tablet.

IoT and the New Digital Workplace

The way in which business is conducted should never change; providing the best customer service, quality products and striving to

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Office worker using a laptop

Choosing Technology to Suit Your Needs & Overcome Data Integration Issues

The beauty of living and working in a modern and technologically advanced world is that there are a multitude of

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Buisnessman extending his hand to close the deal.

Establishing The Right Technology Partnership

The key to any successful relationship/partnership is mutual respect for the involved parties , and a clearly understood motivation as

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Data Analysis

The Importance of Data Driven Decision Making

In this modern digital era, doing things the way you’ve always done it isn’t enough to help take your business

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Delivering Outstanding Value with Alternative Workplace Strategies

Whitepaper on Strategies for AWS – Activity Based Workplace Management

Learn from the best: track and manage utilization AWS/ABW spaces and help take your organization to the next level in

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An office floorplan displayed in Archibus.

Webcast: Readying your drawings for IWMS (AutoCAD/Revit)

This Webcast highlights some of the considerations when perparing your drawings for IWMS/ARCHIBUS. Horizant can mentor or perform the work;

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Screen shot of Horizant Archibus summer training

Webcast: Clean Building with ARCHIBUS

See how Hazardous Materials can be tracked inside ARCHIBUS suite. This 1/2 hour webcast highlights how organizations can save by

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Worker stands near wind turbines and surveys data during sunrise

Environmental Health and Safety ARCHIBUS Horizant Hot Topic Webinar

We invite you to view this 1 hour video which demonstrates how organizations can manage the data around EH&S;incident reporting,

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Image of an office boardroom with view of the city.

CTO Breakfast Briefing – ROI Strategies for Real Property

Horizant is pleased to present a morning Breakfast Briefing: Return on Investment Strategies for Real Property & The importance of

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Three architects work together over floorplan

Video: Space Planning with ARCHIBUS

Space Planning with ARCHIBUS – Horizant’s 45 min Webcast highlights how facility managers can utilize space utilization data and homepages

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Aerial view of facilities

Video: ARCHIBUS 22.1 Webcast

This 1 hour webcast showcases just some of the newest features and enhansements to the over 35 Integrated product suite.

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