Keeping Your Team Safe with Software Solutions

To help companies manage pandemic response at their facilities, the Archibus Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) module is free until September 2021.
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Archibus EHS is an ideal tool to enhance your return to work strategy, and easily monitor the compliance metrics you define. Take a tour in the video below.


Highlights from the Webinar Video

Archibus offers a broad, data-informed return to work strategy. EHS helps facility managers collect information and view trends about health and safety issues in the workplace. The application is ideal for tracking pandemic responses for situations like the COVID-19 outbreak, and can help you:

  • Communicate about efforts to keep the workplace safe
  • Track metrics on the number of active and recovered cases
  • Plan staff retraining for the ‘new normal’ in the office
  • Monitor checkups for staff wellness
  • Track delivery and receipt of company-issued personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Provide a rapid response to suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • Assign enhanced cleaning tasks and other tasks that reduce the odds of workspace infections

Prepare Employees for the Return to Work

Once employees have been alerted about the return to the office, you can assign training programs to them to ensure they’re aware of new policies and processes. The system can be set to alert them via email about the courses in advance.

You can also assign PPE packages to individual employees, and even delegate key team members to carry out the distribution of the packages.

Tasks like these can be set up on a one-time or on a customizable recurring basis.

Report and Track Incidents and Outcomes

Any facility has to prepare for the possibility of a new outbreak. Archibus EHS can help manage suspected cases and help contain the spread of the virus through health and safety incident reports.

The incident reports can be defined by your team to include occurrences of COVID-19 symptoms. Follow up actions for the employee can be instantly set, like self-quarantining at home for the required 14 days. The system can track any other kind of medical situation for your team, like the need to stay home to care for family members.

You can assign enhanced cleaning protocols to any areas used by people who have reported symptoms or assign preventive cleaning to any area used by anyone. The affected areas can be redlined on your location map, and the system intelligently pre-populates new service tickets using information you’ve already provided.

If someone shows coronavirus symptoms, you can track suspected causes, like travel or close contact with someone else who has contracted the virus.

Gain Insights with Advanced Reporting

The EHS application has sophisticated and configurable reports that draw information from sources like the incident reports. You can view aggregate metrics like:

  • Lost workdays due to illness
  • Ongoing job restrictions
  • Locations with possible herd immunity
  • Recovered cases

Archibus EHS comes with a number of preformatted reports, like OSHA’s Form 300, to make compliance demonstration easy. Archibus can also easily convert data to dynamic charts and graphs for internal presentations.

These charts can help leaders understand patterns in occurrences of COVID-19 at your facility, like coincidence with location or type of work. This can guide future preventive actions.

You can set reporting alerts like:

  • Total COVID-19 cases reported
  • Current active COVID-19 cases
  • Recovered COVID-19 cases
  • Social distancing issues

Integrated Space Plans for Physical Distancing

Archibus’ space planning module can enhance your return to work strategy by identifying which desks and meeting rooms can be used safely, and which ones will situate employees too close together to comply with social distancing recommendations. You can colour code workstations as “ready to use” or “requires configuration”, which in turn updates the status for the building as a whole.

Reservations, Mobile Reporting and IoT Sensors

Reservation capabilities are going to play an important role in managing the return to work. Your team can self-service via mobile to book a desk and conference rooms, and can confirm that the location was used after the fact for cleaning teams.

ARCHIBUS allows you to integrate IoT sensors to confirm occupancy, ensure social distancing, automate cleaning protocols, and inform on air quality.

Personalized Dashboard Metrics in Real Time

Most organizations are planning on a phased approach for the return to work. Archibus can assist by allowing you to set your desired office occupancy level, assign employees to return to work by role, and measure progress against your target.

You can also define and track metrics like:

  • Remote staff vs staff in the office
  • Cleaning service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Costs incurred from pandemic response efforts

Trend lines for metrics help you understand the impact of a change quickly. For multi-location portfolios, you can track metrics per location— and even aggregate your employees’ home offices as a location for comparison.

Prove That You’re Keeping Your Team Safe

With Archibus, you can put policies and standards into practice, handle violations, and report on program success whether employees are working from home, in the office, or both.

Healthcare professionals are repeatedly saying “trust the data”. Horizant and Archibus can provide you with a means to effectively collect the data you need for informed decision making— or bring better visibility to the data you have.