New Technologies Provide Opportunities at Every Level

It’s no secret that our experiences help to shape what we perceive as possible.

However, the idea of blind faith is something that shouldn’t be lost on anyone. Did the Wright brothers know that flight would work from their own experience? Not at all. But research, trial and error and, blind faith helped to take their concept to new heights (literally and figuratively).

Nowadays predictive and intuitive technology can help businesses take steps forward into uncharted territory, with greater confidence than ever before.

Thinking & Acting Beyond Your Experience

We have only scratched the surface in terms of optimizing the internet’s function, and utilizing it to its full potential. Internet of Things (IoT) continues to play a large role in how businesses work and will only continue to grow as time progresses.

Being on the side of technology and where it’s going is important for business, even if they don’t truly understand how it can work for them. Andre Schindler, director of business development at TeamViewer spoke to Internet of Business about IoT data and said “a more wide-ranging view of how IoT data could be used by the business is needed. I would encourage firms to think beyond and look at the bigger operational opportunities that the IoT can bring. Staff at every level should be considering how IoT could transform operational business models and improve company prospects.” (Adrian Bridgwater,

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