Tech- and Human-Centered Approaches to Making Better Businesses

As the capabilities of technology get better, and how they’re integrated into our everyday lives becomes more commonplace, it’s important to understand just how much of an impact it really can make, especially when it comes to optimizing workplaces.

The duties and overall workload for workers has constantly grown over time, but improved technology continues to help optimize this reality.

Technology is increasingly vying for our attention, both in the workplace and at home. It is estimated that in one day, more than 100bn emails are exchanged, yet only one in seven is critically important, and the average employee now spends over one-quarter of the workday reading and answering emails.

The modern learner in the workplace can find themselves with as little as half an hour a week to focus on training development, and given that two thirds of employees say they don’t have enough time for their work, the time for quality, learning & development gets squeezed more and more.

So how do we address these challenges? Be human.

It may sound ironic that as a company increases the volume and sophistication of its tech, it should focus on producing more human processes – but it is exactly what is needed to address the challenge of a rapidly changing workforce and an outdated ‘process design’ of training.’

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