Technologies to Watch

Over time the word ‘trend’ has undergone a transformation, in terms of perception.

What was once a concept usually relegated toward information with a limited period of influence, it has since become more a way to predict where certain things are headed in the future. It is also what a particular collective or network believes is important or useful information for people to have, especially when used across social networks.

Workplace Trends

When it comes to the workplace specifically, particular trends are responsible for helping to optimize and shift business function forward. Already in 2018, certain trends are already making waves in the workplace, suggesting that they are here to stay.

Of these trends, three are worthy of highlighting:

  1. Power and commoditization of consumer data
  2. Digital centralization
  3. UI overhauls

As the acquisition of data continues to become more prevalent across industries, so to does how it is managed. Having an effective system in place to manage incoming data is key. Revolving office functions around digital hubs and overhauling the concept of how we interact with each other and said digital technology will help organizations best reach their potential this year and beyond.

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