How Horizant Can Help You Better Manage Workplace Health & Safety

Horizant is offering facility managers an innovative and advanced solution for health and safety data collection and decision making. This will empower leaders to better navigate health crises, recover more quickly, and face future challenges more easily.

Horizant combines the power of the Archibus Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) application with Relogix IoT sensors to help address pandemic health management needs.

Advanced health and safety management have become crucial with the global spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Archibus users are already implementing comprehensive processes to identify and evaluate COVID-19 related incidents and risks. This enables managers to quickly associate the incidents with locations and personnel to take action:

  • Monitor essential workspace usage and distancing guidelines compliance (in real time and historically)
  • Implement incident tracking and automate employee notifications
  • Assign enhanced cleaning protocols as needed
  • Manage remote workers and remote use of assets
  • Manage offices and meeting rooms during and post-crisis
  • View KPIs in real-time and generate reports

The no-cost* Archibus Environmental Health & Safety application helps organizations gain control over workplace safety incidents, personal protective equipment (PPE) allocation and use, training, medical monitoring, and work restrictions. The Relogix occupancy sensors and Workspace Analytics platform provide the highest quality data essential to successful workspace analysis.

CRE managers, HR leaders, and corporate executives need access to real data to spark insights and develop realistic plans, optimize workspace utilization and ultimately make better business decisions.

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About Horizant

Horizant is one of North America’s leading Archibus system integrators, with over 150 clients in Canada and the USA. Horizant has extensive experience with integrations in the private and public sectors (municipal, state/provincial, and federal levels). In the private sector, Horizant has helped companies in finance, energy and utilities, healthcare, education, manufacturing, insurance, and technology achieve their organizational goals.

For more information, contact Kelly Welch by email at or by phone at 613.796.3366 ext.4480

* Archibus EHS is free for the next 18 months.