In this modern digital era, doing things the way you’ve always done it isn’t enough to help take your business to the next level. With that being said, there are certain staples (such as quality customer service and always being genuine and authentic with all business offerings, etc.) that will never go out of style; embracing the capabilities of today’s technology will only help to make things better.

Knowing the best way to analyze important relevant data can make all the difference in terms of creating and controlling the promotion of a specific type of growth.

‘Only one-third of enterprises currently use information to identify new business opportunities and predict future trends and behavior, but most of the remaining two-thirds plan to do so in the future. Businesses with a collaborative style of decision-making treat information much more as an asset than companies with other decision-making approaches. They are also more likely to use information to identify new business opportunities, predict future trends and behavior or generate revenue with data.

What prevents organizations from making data-driven decisions?

The most commonly cited reason for not using information as the basis for decision-making is that the necessary information was not available.
The quality of data is the second biggest barrier to data-based decision-making. This reflects a clear need for greater attention to data quality and more efficient data governance. Because 62% of companies want to treat information as an asset in the future, it is critical that organizations invest in protecting the quality and value of that asset.’ (source:

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