Beyond offering quality service/products to their clients, the aim of any business (in order to achieve/maintain success) is to get quantifiable results that can be used to help build positive growth.

Having transparency and being able to easily comprehend the data acquired from said transparency is an important part of furthering business development. Companies with a primary focus on real estate and property management have realized this, and are making moves toward embracing companies that can help provide a better understanding of their data, which in turn will optimize their operations moving forward.

‘In the past 24 months, the giant commercial real estate and investment firm CBRE has made six technology acquisitions, said Chandra Dhandapani, Dallas-based chief digital and technology officer. It is beefing up its technology in-house staff as well. There is a lot more awareness around … the data we collect and how we use it,” she said. “We are more conscious and thoughtful around what data we have and how it could be valuable.”‘(source:

When a business is able to have a more clear idea of what their particular data means, they can take better control over what they are trying to achieve, stay better ahead of the curve and optimize the control of their overall destiny within their industry, and beyond. At Horizant, we’re proud to offer products/services to help a wide variety of business types. Contact us to learn more about how we work together!