July 30

Online sessions demonstrated the power of EZ-Hatch and the Art of Turning CAD Plans into Interactive Maps.

Horizant taught how to quickly and easily create professional drawings and customized legends using updated patterns and highlighting to streamline the production of highlighted facilities drawings to create strategic visual tools for your team and to present to management. EZ-Hatch is the industry leading AutoCAD tool for creating fully annotated and highlighted floor plans.  Annotation and thematic highlighting is based on data stored in an IWMS or CAFM software systems.

EZ-Hatch Highlights:

  • Automatically order text, highlighting and background layers for optimum appearance
  • Create dynamic legends
  • Generates professional quality floor plans in .DWG, .DWF, .PDF, .PLT
  • Display text from multiple tables in any font, color and size.
  • Highlight space by business unit, division, department, category, type, standard or ad-hoc
  • Create legends from highlight, text queries and more