Developing a Smarter Workplace

It’s a new year which means that there’s a new opportunity for a fresh start. This doesn’t mean that you have to completely change how you’ve been doing things up to this point and adopt new methods, but it is definitely a good time to take a long at the methods you’ve been using up to this point; assess what’s worked, and what hasn’t and then create a strategy for moving forward in the best way possible. Part of this is being open to the possibilities that evolving technology presents.

‘Facility executives have an opportunity to be critical influencers in how the workplace of the future takes shape. According to JLL research, the human experience and digital drive are two critical key dimensions of corporate real estate that organizations must address to become agile, create leverage, and stay competitive as new technologies change the future of work.

Operational excellence, continuous innovation, and financial performance are other key dimensions of the future of work. Whether the facilities involved comprise a portfolio of branch banks, retail stores, sales offices, or cancer treatment or dialysis centers, immediate access to status and response tools makes a difference in the customer experience, as well as in business reliability and risk management.

Facility executives can be instrumental in providing the physical environment and workplace technologies that make working easier and more comfortable.’ (Maureen Ehrenberg,

Our goal at Horizant is to help empower our clients to make better and more optimized decisions when it comes to their business and how they manage certain procedures and operations. Facilitating positive growth takes having someone in your corner that has your best interests at heart. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you in 2018, and beyond!

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