Effectively managing a business requires a keen attention to detail, which can get increasingly more difficult as an organization continues to grow and thrive. Staying on top of what your business is doing (and how it’s being done) becomes even more important at this point, and using the right strategic management software can prove vital.

ARCHIBUS, an integrated workplace management system is the top global solution for Real Estate, Infrastructure & Facilities Management that allows users to track the use and condition of assets in a simplified way. Managing how finances are being allocated for these particular assets is important, and ARCHIBUS provides an excellent way to effectively manage and assess these important figures.

“The Strategic Financial Analysis application provides a unified view of your real estate, infrastructure and facilities assets, all capital and expense costs they incur, and all the organization missions they support. The application also provides a common operating picture so that different roles can communicate the impact and importance of spending and investment – finance professionals, capital planners, real estate and facility directors, and operational managers can all understand how the work they do interacts and how they can work better together in concert. The application gives visibility into the one-third of your organization’s balance sheet that manages fixed assets. It helps ensure that the investment in these assets is efficiently deployed to drive the organization’s mission forward.” (source: archibus.com)

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