The idea of change can sometimes be a difficult thing to grasp; it’s very easy to get comfortable doing what you’ve always done to achieve a specific set of results. The only problem with that is the fact that we live and work in a constantly evolving world (where the only real constant is the idea that change will occur at some point). Having an open mind is the best way to stimulate growth.

The managing editor of tech company Hubspot came up with an interesting way to assess how to know when your business may need to start making changes, and strategizing how to do it:

“What do you do when what has always worked suddenly doesn’t anymore?

It happens to every company at every stage. The trick is spotting it early and acting before you’re caught off balance.

Build a Pothole Prevention Report
Preventing your own disruption starts with knowing where your vulnerabilities are. If your strategy were a house, what would the load-bearing beams be? At HubSpot we have a regular report called the “pothole prevention deck.” This report tracks the health of the channels and levers that have the greatest influence on our business. I’m convinced that every company and team should have their own version of a pothole prevention deck. It can help you catch a weakening strategy before it breaks.

Stay Humble Then Hustle
Humility is about asking questions. It’s about never allowing yourself to get too confident or settled in your approach. Hustling is about having the flexibility and drive to act fast when those questions start to lead you to answers. Both traits are the enemy of panic.” (Meghan Keaney Anderson,

Achieving consistent and steady growth requires developing a strategy; the first step is that is being able to get a transparent look at how your business is currently operating so you can assess what works and what doesn’t. Next, implementing a plan that will help develop an effective type of growth that is sustainable. At Horizant we have a multitude of options to help your business do this effectively. Contact us to learn more about how we can help!