Using New Technologies to Your Advantage

Technology continues to shape how tasks are completed; it’s important for the effectiveness of what may have always worked to be tested and improved.

The managing of building operations is a great example. Growth is best facilitated when the right technology is used to make these processes more efficient. Facility managers still need to understand the current building systems, but they also need to know how to take advantage of the many available connected devices to improve their buildings’ performance.

Predictions state that there will be over 34 billion operational connected devices globally by the year 2020. This means that if you have yet to embrace the capacities and capabilities of technology for your business (or your life in general), there’s no greater time than the present.

Building Operations Management

The growth of IoT enabled buildings means big changes for the future of building operations and facility management. The IoT allows building managers to connect more devices and gain enhanced insight at a much lower cost.

For example, facilities managers can now quickly and easily install wireless thermal sensors onto their main electrical bus bars, giving them early warning of a potential overheat condition in their electrical system. They can also monitor the status of their stand-by power system, their data centre uptime, control lighting room by room, know when their elevators need servicing before they go down, monitor their access control and security cameras, all within a single platform.

Here at Horizant, we understand the needs of building operations managers and have built software that enables them to best achieve their goals. The ARCHIBUS Building Operations Management application allows you to cost-effectively manage on demand or preventive maintenance (PM), improve internal and outsourced service provider performance, and simplify forecasting and budgeting.

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