JUNE 25, 2021-

What do you get when you put an urban planner, an IWMS expert, a geospatial analyst, and a simulation technologist together?

A conversation about coffee shops, of course!

At least, this is what happened at our webinar on June 25th, 2021.

Where do I get my coffee? consisted of a live panel discussion on how office location impacts the larger pattern of work and amenities, right down to where our favourite coffee shop is found.

Our panellists discussed how data from all levels, including detailed facility-level data, geospatial and other location-based data, can be used to determine how we will return to the office this fall and how that might change in a year or two from now. Through data management, analysis, and modelling, these traditionally isolated considerations are now on a collision course and can help us better understand where we are headed regarding the future of cities, businesses, events, and where and how we live.

The discussion was moderated by Kristen Kurland, a Professor of Architecture, Information Systems, and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Panel

  • Wayne Liko, Managing Partner at Horizant
  • Ray Gastil, Director of the Remaking Cities Institute at Carnegie Mellon University
  • John Cordier, CEO and Cofounder of Epistemix

Bringing their own backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise, the panel discussed how data and collaboration across public and private sectors benefit businesses, cities, and especially its citizens.

“For now, clients are estimating elements such as utilization or capacity management, so putting technology in place to manage that has become a priority from seat booking through to IoT integration. The objective is, of course, to examine the patterns of return-to-office and what the impacts of these patterns will be. Anyone that says they know what the office will look like a year from now is gazing into a crystal ball. We are putting real data to work to inform that future.” Wayne Liko, Horizant


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Stay tuned for more events from Horizant surrounding the role of data in the future of work.