Since 1992, St. Joseph’s Health Care in London, Ontario has used ARCHIBUS in some capacity. Starting out using it for preventative maintenance as a DOS based program, to now using its full suite of capabilities, ARCHIBUS has grown and adapted with the ever changing health care industry.

St. Joseph’s department of facilities engineering looks after approximately 3.2 million square feet of space and ARCHIBUS is employed to offer a systematic approach, a science to the service so to speak, to consolidate multiple sites and organizations into one provision or system. Simply put, ARCHIBUS creates a totally integrated facility management package.

St. Joseph’s Health Care’s goal was to improve efficiencies. As a publicly funded healthcare business, money is always tight and demonstrating through metrics and dashboards that they required extra funding or resources while still providing a level of service was important. ARCHIBUS makes that type of information available when required. Its ability to demonstrate information graphically to senior leadership and boards who aren’t necessarily facility experts is also a key differentiating factor. Presenting data in ways in which people are able to understand the needs, allows for more support. With a shift from traditional paper filing systems to digital storage, the results have been positive. ARCHIBUS has facilitated the filing structure, resulting in speed and the ability to access documents for those who need to know.