Horizant’s New Business Development Director

Horizant is excited to announce that we’ve hired Gregory J. Alevras as our new business development director. Greg brings a wealth of experience to Horizant, and we know he’ll be a fantastic resource for our clients.

“I’m looking forward to giving our clients a forum to learn not only from Horizant, but also from our other accounts,” said Greg. “Regular workshops will show them other ways of doing things that can help them overcome their challenges.”

Greg came to Horizant fresh from Archibus, where he was VP of Sales. “I’ve developed a thorough understanding of a variety of vertical markets and how Archibus fits these markets,” he said.

At Archibus, Greg spent many years in client advisory roles where he showed clients how to get the most out of the technology they were using. His speciality lay in creating viable roadmaps for his clients’ projects and guiding them with effective change management processes.

“Most of the people that facility managers work with want to get things done their way, because they don’t understand the rules and regulations, or they may not understand how their work fits into the greater picture. It takes great planning and great communication skills to show that change really can make things better.”

A former facility manager himself, Greg spent ten years running a top-tier high-tech property that included office spaces, labs, and manufacturing facilities.

“I lived the day to day realities of work orders, planning, and budgets. This helps put me in the shoes of the people I talk to today and relate to their experience. Even though I haven’t been a facility manager for a while, I can still connect to their problems. My time at Archibus has given me a very thorough understanding of how technology can help solve them.”

Greg also commented that presenting solutions with integrity and ethics is the best policy.

“Early on, in the first year of my career at Archibus, I worked with a prospective client that was shopping around for a technology solution. I’d spent a lot of time getting to understand their needs, and I gave them the right answer— rather than a marketing-oriented answer.

“We didn’t win the account with this client right away, but after they tried their chosen solution, they found it didn’t work. They told me they came back to us because we really understood their needs.”

We feel Greg’s expertise will be a great addition to the Horizant team, and we’re looking forward to working with him.