With over 660 buildings, 300 properties and approximately 13,000 work orders per year, the City of Hamilton has been a long time client of Horizant, using the ARCHIBUS platform to manage about 3.9 million square feet of space.

ARCHIBUS’ flexibility, ease of use, customizable reporting make it the preferred choice for Chris Phinney and others at the City. Phinney calls ARCHIBUS a data warehouse that allows different stakeholders to keep, maintain and share their data in real time. ARCHIBUS integrates with their PeopleSoft financial system in addition to integrating building operations models, spacing, furniture and equipment. ARCHIBUS provides the real-time data people throughout the large organization can use to base their decisions on versus simply relying on gut feeling for different issues surrounding buildings and preventative maintenance. The additional data has resulted in a 360% return on investment, representing about $400,000 in efficiencies per year.

The City of Hamilton’s real estate department is a key benefactor of having the centralized ARCHIBUS data warehouse. The real estate department is responsible for the transactional side of buying and selling land as well as liquidating assets within the city. Phinney’s department is responsible for the actual facilities and buildings that are on the land and ARCHIBUS’s central data generates comprehensive reports easily to understand in-progress work orders. By keeping everything in ARCHIBUS, the City of Hamilton is able to take control over the data even though so many people have access to modify, view and input data into the platform.

ARCHIBUS is a flexible, powerful and robust application that is highly scalable that can meet the needs of a small business as well as larger organizations. Talk to Horizant about your business needs.