Highlights of the Latest Update from ARCHIBUS

In this video, our Technical Sales Engineer Tiffany Lam takes you on a guided tour of all the best new features in the new version of Archibus:


The new version has made some great improvements while keeping the best layouts and workflows that make ARCHIBUS so feature rich yet easy to use.

1. The New User Interface and Homepage

ARCHIBUS version 24 has a new, cleaner look and feel, with updated use of colours and more HTML 5 functionality. You can still define what you want to show, keeping the scorecards, alerts, and interactive charts that are most important to you front and centre.

The big news is that there’s now an IoT home page featuring all your sensor metrics. You can get a quick overview of your employee comfort and user experience, and drill down as needed to get to the raw data.

2. The Workplace Portal

The workplace portal, previously available only with ARCHIBUS Cloud, is now available in the foundation application.

It’s easy to see all the requests and assign new work orders. You can also do things like view all the workspace and meeting room reservation requests as well.

3. The Move Console

The new Move Console groups all move requests together in a more streamlined approach that allows dynamic reordering and approvals.

4. New HTML 5 Features

The display of information now takes advantage of the latest HTML 5. This helps improve the look and add interactive movement.

Is ARCHIBUS Right for Your Organization?

Archibus is ranked as a leading integrated workplace management system in 2019 by Verdantix.

Horizant has provided custom ARCHIBUS integrations to help organizations like the Calgary Board of Education, Hydro Ottawa, St. Joseph’s Health Care, and the City of Hamilton achieve their goals.

To learn more about how ARCHIBUS can help your organization streamline processes and find efficiencies, ask for an in-depth demonstration today.

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