How Archibus Can Optimize Building Operations & More

ARCHIBUS is the industry leading software platform for property and facility managers, allowing them to get a handle on what they have, where it is, the condition it’s in, and more. It tracks and helps manage all of the work involved in building operations, basically modernizing the work and the workplace.

There are a host of benefits to using ARCHIBUS, including allowing managers to spend more time in forward planning and less time trying to put out fires, entering information manually, or assembling reports.

What You’ll Find in This Webinar

First, our host Iana Ciatti, Senior Program Manager at Horizant, gives you an overview of how ARCHIBUS works for everyone involved in building operations. Your entire team is able to experience benefits from the system, including employees, clients, subcontractors, supervisors, portfolio managers, and directors.

Two Nexus-award winning ARCHIBUS project users then walk you through how they use their systems to achieve high level organizational goals. For our guests, these included reducing work order backlogs, keeping on top of preventative maintenance to reduce emergency fixes, and more.

Our first guest is Murray Hunt, manager of integrated workplace management systems for the Calgary Board of Education. He demonstrates how uses ARCHIBUS building operations module to manage over 250 schools from an administrator’s perspective, with a focus on work request management.

Elinor Hacon, a systems analyst from St. Joseph’s Health Care in London is our second guest. She demonstrates how ARCHIBUS helped her team reduce their work order backlog by over 66% over four years using the same team.

Wrapping up the webinar, Tiffany Lam, Technical Sales Engineer at Horizant, demonstrates the new features of ARCHIBUS 24.1, and how mobile devices can be used in the field to work with the system.

Highlights from the Webinar on How ARCHIBUS Makes Building Management Easier

You’ll see how ARCHIBUS:

  • Makes information easy to understand on multiple levels, using reports that allow you to drill down to the details
  • Frees information from spreadsheets and silos, creating a versatile single source of truth
  • Helps keep work requests transparent and moving forward
  • Simplifies program work, whether it’s preventative maintenance or on-demand work
  • Reduces manual input
  • Provides data to aid in making move decisions and fix/replace decisions for a healthier bottom line
  • Provides histories and audit trails to track compliance with internal and external mandates
  • Prioritizes issues to increase customer satisfaction

You’ll be able to manage what you track in all respects, prevent and respond to emergencies, and have a more connected and informed workplace.

Showcase: Calgary Board of Education

With the help of Horizant and ARCHIBUS, the CBE was able to get past their outmoded systems like faxed work requests.Tradespeople were about to better understand their work requests and work environment without having to call in.

Some of the key details in Murray Hunt’s presentation:

  • Easily view a map of your facility to see which rooms have work requests
  • Incorporate information from building condition assessments

With ARCHIBUS, administrators can create classes of materials, like hazardous material including lead, asbestos, mercury, and PCBs. Tradespeople can easily access these whenever they’re about to work in an area so they can either avoid opening up the space or enact the proper safety precautions.

When the hazardous situation is remediated, updating ARCHIBUS means that no one is ever left looking at an old binder and wondering if the hazard still exists or not.

Showcase: St. Joseph’s Health Care

Elinor Hacon’s presentation shows how work orders for emergencies can be prioritized, and how to ensure permits and assessments have been made. She shows how the system can track work progress, collect invoices for parts and materials, and ensure all required steps in your process have been done.

She also demonstrates:

  • Connecting work requests to locations and assets involved in your work requests
  • How teams of shift workers can understand the latest information and issues, to avoid duplication
  • How to see which team members have a bigger workload so you can assign work to those with less to do
  • Running reports a month in advance to see what parts you’ll need for all the upcoming preventive maintenance work

ARCHIBUS 24.1 Demonstration

Tiffany Lam shows us the latest features of the new system, starting with how mobile phones can be used for barcode scanning, uploading photos, and dictating situation reports.

  • Drag and drop tickets onto the schedule for a specific employee
  • Document procedures for better time estimating and expectations management
  • Organize assets by an inventory tree, EG break down your HVAC system by units, subsystems, and parts and map to locations, team responsible for it, and spaces they serve

ARCHIBUS Integration Expertise

Horizant supports over 28 government departments including the National Research Council, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Department of National Defense, Public Works, Public Safety Canada, the House of Commons and more.

We integrate ARCHIBUS and other software to meet your needs, connecting it with existing financial systems, HR systems, SAP, and more.

Our expertise is in the deployment, and understanding how technology can help organizations achieve their goals.

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