Whether delivered in our state of the art training centre, on-site or online, Horizant’s ARCHIBUS training courses can be arranged and customized here.

Learn how to take full advantage of ARCHIBUS to enhance your productivity in a set of specially designed courses to create a curriculum which best meets your specific learning requirements. From novice through advanced courses, Horizant offers a wide variety of ARCHIBUS courses and training options that can be modified for an organization’s special requirements and delivered remotely, online or on site for your convenience.

The 4-day ARCHIBUS Fundamentals course provides a high-level overview of ARCHIBUS and teaches the basic skills needed to use the software across business applications. The ARCHIBUS course is ideal for new users or for those who would like to learn more about the full suite of available products like Web Central, ARCHIBUS Smart Client, and the Smart Client for AutoCAD and Revit. The course will review the use of databases, drawings, and reports and participants can expect to become competent in Space Planning & Space Management, Building Operations Management, Real Estate Portfolio Management and Real Property Solutions, and Asset Management.



Day 1 Fundamentals

  • Product Overview: Web Central, and the Smart Clients
  • Web Central for the End User
  • Smart Client for the Administrator

Day 2 Space Planning & Management

  • Smart Client Extension for the CAD Specialist
  • Space Planning & Management: Basic Concepts
  • Space Planning & Management: Inventory
  • Space Planning & Management: Space Chargeback

Day 3 Real Estate Portfolio and Asset Management

  • Space Planning & Management: Personnel & Occupancy
  • Real Estate Portfolio Management: Basic Concepts
  • Real Estate Portfolio Management: Lease Administration and Portfolio Management
  • Real Estate Portfolio Management: Cost Administration and Cost Chargeback

Day 4 Building Operations & Basic System Administration

  • Asset Management: Basic Concepts
  • Asset Management: Developing an Asset Inventory
  • Building Operations: Basic Concepts
  • Building Operations: On Demand Work
  • Building Operations: Preventive Maintenance
  • Web Central: View Wizards (reporting)

Course Topics:

Day 1 Installation and Configuration (System Administrator)

  • Overview
  • Database and Web Application Server Installation
  • ARCHIBUS installation and project configuration
  • User and Role Creation
  • Introduction to Connectors (for ERP integration)

Day 2 Navigation, Security, and CAD Settings (ARCHIBUS Administrator)

  • Menu Design and Process Assignment
  • Report Design with the View Definition Wizard
  • Home Page Design
  • Security: Virtual Private ARCHIBUS (VPA)
  • CAD & BIM Configuration (if time permits)
    • Asset Layers and Text
    • Drawing Management

Course Topics:

Day 1 System Optimization (ARCHIBUS Administrator)

  • Performance Metric Definition
  • Connectors: Intermediate Techniques
  • XML import and Export
  • Web Services
  • Printed Output definition
  • Developing Drawing Publishing Rules
  • Developing Drawing plans
  • Configuring printed output and templates (DOC, PPT, etc.)
  • Multi-currency and unit support (if time permits)

Day 2 Database Management (Database Administrator)

  • Schema modification
  • Schema definition
  • Migrations and Upgrades

Course Topics:

Day 1 Development Environment & JavaScript API

  • JavaScript and the “Kit of Parts”
    • Model View Controller
    • Default Event Handlers
    • Auto-wired Functions
  • JavaScript API
    • Replacing Commands
    • Advanced Techniques (HTML, Validation, Drawing Control)
  • Working with Tabs
    • Restrictions
    • Storing Values
    • Selecting Tabs

Day 2 JAVA API & Workflow Rules

  • Development Environment
    • Eclipse Development Environment
    • Workflow Rule API
    • Compiling JAVA Classes
    • Creating and Locating JAR files
    • JUnit Test
  • Workflow Rules
    • Rules Tables
    • Rule Types
  • Invoking Workflow Rules
  • Event Handler Classes
  • Error Handling
  • Datasource Programming
  • Data Access
  • Sending Email Notifications

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