Real Property Solutions

Land, Lease & Real Property Solutions

The application tracks and evaluates your properties’ operational and financial performance on an individual or portfolio basis, offering real property solutions and management techniques.

Renters, lessors or owners can record, manage and analyze detailed real estate, land and lease information to assess the portfolio, mitigate risk and improve profitability.

Financial and Operational Benchmarking

ARCHIBUS improves the performance of leased and owned properties through financial and operational benchmarking, generate summary reports to forecast opportunities and identify investment risks, accelerate property return-on-investment by optimizing space utilization and use GIS capabilities for graphical portfolio representation to improve analysis of real estate metrics.

Portfolio Forecasting

The platform delivers structured information and decision-making support for space/master planning and provides consistent multi-year space/cost forecasts without having to use a CAD tool.
Project costs and simplified portfolio planning and forecasting support multifaceted strategic space utilization requirements. Evaluate, forecast, and allocate space needs and associated occupancy costs using multiple scenarios and time periods.

ARCHIBUS reduces administrative costs through rapid projection and allocation capabilities and projects annual costs to departments/cost centers based on space allocation forecasts and baseline Portfolio Scenarios.


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