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When it comes to protecting and managing your workforce, effective solutions depend on understanding what’s happening in real time. Horizant’s environmental health and safety (EHS) software allows you to track safety incidents and outcomes, and ensures you have all the information you need to take effective action.

Horizant has helped over 150 public and private organizations make better decisions with data and technology. We can help you understand what data you have or need to confirm your processes are working, and to pivot the right way if processes need to be updated.

Call on our expertise to leverage the ability to define, track and report on any kind of health and safety issue that’s relevant to your organization, including COVID-19 situations:

  • Track employees who are working remotely and any assets they borrow
  • Define and track any kind of health and safety incident reporting and automated workflows
  • Instantly assign follow up actions, like enhanced cleaning protocols by location, and ensure janitorial teams are protected with the right PPE
  • Receive instant alerts when employees in the office aren’t observing social distancing
  • Know which employees have been in close proximity and when— critical information if someone tests positive
  • Stay informed with real-time updates on configurable, interactive dashboards— and drill down into the data as needed
  • Generate reports outlining processes and compliance

With the right advice, your team will overcome current challenges more easily, and be better positioned to find operational efficiencies once the crisis is under control.

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EHS Capabilities Overview

Easily Track Your Remote Workers and Assets

Whether they’re working remotely or on-site, employees can log in to a central portal and:

  • Confirm their location
  • Register any productivity assets they’ve borrowed, or file a request for an equipment loan
  • Report problems connecting to workplace tools or networks
  • Report health or safety situations, and if it occurs in the workplace, redline the affected space on floor plans
  • Respond to company-wide requests for information

When employees provide information, there’s no need to spend time copying and pasting— it’s all accessible in the right locations. The new information sends alerts according to the workflows you create, and populates dashboards in real time.

EHS Incident Reports

Incident reports allow you to log any kind of health and safety issue that has occurred, when it occurred, and whether affected parties were employees and/or non-employees.

  • Instantly leverage background data on any employees involved, as well as incident location(s) to save time
  • With one click, call up a floor plan of your facility to create a redline for the exact building, floor, and office/work area where the incident occurred.
  • Add additional notes about the incident, and can document what happened as a result of the incident, for example, hospitalization.

This turns the incident report into a master ticket, which can be referenced if you create follow up tickets for other team members.

Incident Response Tickets

Health and safety incidents don’t happen in isolation. Horizant’s incident response software allows you to:

  • Assign restrictions to employees, like sending them home to self-isolate
  • Assign health and safety training programs to employees.
  • Assign maintenance tickets related to the incidents, for example, cleaning of the area an employee with COVID-19 symptoms was working in.
  • Attach additional documentation.

You’ll be able to review responses to incidents and ensure compliance with internal policies and applicable regulations.

Execute Effective Crisis Management

Manage critical communications and corporate emergency task force efforts throughout pandemic situations:

  • Understand and report on protocol implementation and adoption across your real estate portfolio
  • Identify employee exposure to infection due to proximity, and issue appropriate communications to HR and to those who may have been affected
  • Manage, mitigate and minimize employee clusters that increase risk to employees and to business recovery efforts
  • Implement “safe seat” protocols

On-demand, easy to understand reports keep stakeholders at all levels informed as events unfold.

Post-Crisis Recovery and Future Proofing

Recession-proof your commercial real estate (CRE) portfolio and prepare for the “new normal”:

  • Plan for a controlled and safe return of employees and a return to normal business operations
  • Ensure safe distances are maintained to prevent re-infection within the workspace
  • Be prepared for any infectious diseases (e.g. Influenza, Norwalk, SARS etc.) with your “new norm” policies based on COVID 19 outcomes
  • Use data analytics to inform your corporate workspace strategy

You can identify significant cost savings with analysis based on the aggregation and visualization of occupancy and other relevant workspace data.

Manage Risk and Compliance for Auditing and Insurance

Use data to manage risk and demonstrate you’ve taken the right steps to mitigate risk during future potential audits.

  • Use interactive key performance indicator (KPI) reports that can be customized to your needs. For example, you can define “lost days due to the coronavirus” as a metric, and view the accumulated information pulled from the individual incident reports.
  • Define custom workflows, for example, assigning automatic alerts to the designated as the health and safety officer for the building.
  • If insurance claims are highly likely, use the data to demonstrate you took the necessary steps.

Reporting is also easy. You can create pre-formatted provincial health and safety (or in the USA, OSHA) reports with a few clicks of your mouse.

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Horizant can provide you with the right software integration services. We work with your team, providing only the services you need, to ensure your organization is able to use the system(s) to full advantage.

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