Capital Project Management

Capital Project Management uses a central repository for a “Top-Down” perspective of program and project priorities, actions, and costs. The platform includes scheduling and Gants charting, facilitates a collaborative process to allow project members to synchronize information at different locations or organizational units.

ARCHIBUS provides clear, weighted performance scorecard views of multiple programs and/or projects to identify, at a glance, late or over-budget components. The software streamlines project oversight through consolidated views displaying milestones, tasks, and status changes to all project members. ARCHIBUS reduces the administrative burden of capital planning by leveraging existing data.

Capital ExpensesCall Centre Wizard

Capital Planning and budgeting manages the capital budget cycle to achieve improved, centralized strategic planning across the organization. Summarizes all capital planning activity in a consistent format to prioritize programs and projects, coordinate activities, and budget resources. The software develops a centralized methodology to efficiently execute capital project management across multiple departments and sites, it enables “what-if” planning to reduce business interruption and cost overruns, and integrates condition assessment, capital budgeting, and project management functions to better allocate budget and resources for complete end-to-end capital planning.

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