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On Demand Work

On Demand Work is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) which automates the steps of the on-demand maintenance management process, from requests, to approvals, to scheduling and work order issuance, to completion and feedback.

On Demand Work’s self-service functionality helps lower operating costs by enforcing process control and keeping information current, accessible, and actionable.
Schedule, dispatch, manage, and report maintenance tasks efficiently by using self-service capabilities to reduce operational costs and increase customer satisfaction.

It simplifies the request, dispatch, and feedback processes of maintenance management tasks to improve service provision, reduces operating costs through automated workflows and streamlined communication, provides a seamless link to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to enforce standards and increase efficiency, and enables improved forecasting of maintenance and capital budgets.

Building Operations Preventative MaintenanceBuilding Operations Preventative Maintenance

Building Operations Management includes both OnDemand and Preventative Maintenance Tasks. It allows organizations to manage on demand and preventive maintenance to improve work load balancing and decrease operating costs. The ARCHIBUS Building Operations Management application allows you to cost-effectively manage on demand or preventive maintenance (PM), improve internal and outsourced service provider performance, and simplify forecasting and budgeting. The application improves performance of internal and outsourced service providers by prioritizing tasks and avoiding work backlogs, enables evaluation of work order requests to optimize labor/materials and minimize operating costs, simplifies the work forecast and budgeting processes by accessing historic data, tracks preventive maintenance programs to validate expenditures and comply with internal standards or regulatory mandates, and maximizes customer satisfaction through Web-based processes.


Condition AssessmentCondition Assessment

Track and effectively manage deferred maintenance liabilities to mitigate risks and enable a closed loop process in taking corrective actions. The application mitigates risks by prioritizing problems for correction, based on objective measures and organizational needs. It enables proactive identification of deficiencies to extend the lifecycle of assets, demonstrates how costs are associated with corrective measures to justify budgets, reduces administrative cost by establishing a closed loop assessment and resolution process.



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