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Hydro Ottawa

When we sat down with Joey St. Jacques of Hydro Ottawa his department was responsible for managing approximately 90 buildings with capital operating work budgets ranging from $5 to 20 million dollars depending on the time of year. “We use ARCHIBUS for everything, from the construction of substations to the construction of an office; even…

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City of Hamilton, Ontario

With over 660 buildings, 300 properties and approximately 13,000 work orders per year, the City of Hamilton has been a long time client of Horizant, using the ARCHIBUS platform to manage about 3.9 million square feet of space. ARCHIBUS’ flexibility, ease of use, customizable reporting make it the preferred choice for Chris Phinney and others…

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St. Joseph’s Health Care London

Since 1992, St. Joseph’s Health Care in London, Ontario has used ARCHIBUS in some capacity. Starting out using it for preventative maintenance as a DOS based program, to now using its full suite of capabilities, ARCHIBUS has grown and adapted with the ever changing health care industry. St. Joseph’s department of facilities engineering looks after…

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