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Planning for the Return to Work in the Post-COVID Environment

mai 22, 2020
The number of new COVID-19 cases has begun to drop in most areas, and more and more non-essential businesses are preparing to reopen. The big question in the minds of many facility managers is how to safely manage the return to work. A resurgence in the pandemic, often referred to as a “second wave”, could…

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Track, Manage, and Reduce the Impact of COVID-19 Incidents

mars 31, 2020
OTTAWA, ON, Canada, Mar 30, 2020 – Horizant is offering facility managers a more advanced solution for health and safety data collection and decision making. This will empower leaders to better navigate health crises, recover more quickly, and face future challenges more easily. Horizant combines the power of the Archibus Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)…

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7 Keys to Successful Digital Facility Management Transformation

janvier 23, 2020
Most facility managers recognize the benefits of converting to a centralized digital platform. They’re fully aware that the cost avoidance and cost savings benefits from data-based decision making are huge— let alone the potential future benefits from leveraging technologies like IoT, BIM, and even AI. Where most facility managers are getting held up is in…

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ARCHIBUS Cloud Now Available

novembre 28, 2019
ARCHIBUS Cloud is an easy and intuitive way to start tracking your building assets. For years, Horizant has been setting our clients up for success with on-premise and private cloud deployments. As ARCHIBUS’ only authorized reseller in Canada, we are proud to offer another option: ARCHIBUS Cloud, a software as a service solution in a…

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What’s New with ARCHIBUS V 24

septembre 25, 2019
In this video, Tiffany Lam takes you on a guided tour of all the best new features in the new version: Highlights The new version has made some great improvements while keeping the best layouts and workflows that make ARCHIBUS so feature rich yet easy to use. 1. The New User Interface and Homepage ARCHIBUS…

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10 Keys to Choosing an Effective Meeting Room Booking System

septembre 18, 2019
You’re having a great morning. Things are all going well, and you’re on your way to a team meeting you’ve organized for an important discussion. But when you arrive at the conference room, an unpleasant surprise is waiting for you. Another team is already in the room, the door is closed, and a meeting is…

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Do Your Employees Know How IoT in the Workplace Improves Their Experience?

août 22, 2019
IoT sensors have incredible potential to help private and public organizations alike. They have already helped many companies save vast sums on heating, cooling, and electricity costs. Card readers and CCTV cameras have been improving security for decades. But organizations and managers aren’t the only ones who see the benefits. There are dozens of ways…

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Webinar: Building Operations ARCHIBUS Demo

août 2, 2019
ARCHIBUS is the industry leading software platform for property and facility managers, allowing them to get a handle on what they have, where it is, the condition it’s in, and more. It tracks and helps manage all of the work involved in building operations, basically modernizing the work and the workplace. There are a host…

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5 Benefits of Working from Home for Employers and Managers

juillet 16, 2019
Since the 18th century, managers and designers have been thinking about how to use space to foster productivity. This is especially important for large organizations where small improvements can add up to a big difference. As a business culture, we’ve come from the manufacturing-inspired open layout, through the cubicle farms of the ‘70s and ‘80s,…

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