Horizant Helps Two Clients Manage the Pandemic Using Tools They Already Have

Facility managers have been trying to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and keep their workforces safe. Horizant has been working with our clients to help in any way we can, including offering the Archibus Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) application at no cost for the next 18 months.

For some clients, however, the solution lies in doing more with data and licenses they already have. That was the case when these two clients reached out to us to ask for help in ramping up their response management— thankfully we were able to help them change how they were looking at their data to get the outputs they needed.

Maintaining Safe Distances for Essential Workers

The Challenge

Our financial services client wanted to ensure safety for essential workers who were needed in the office location. To accomplish this, they needed to:

  • Plan safe seating arrangements.
  • Ensure social distancing protocols were followed by tracking space usage.
  • Implement advanced cleaning protocols for the areas the employees were using.

The Solution

Horizant showed the client how to use existing data and licensing to manage the use of the space in a completely new way. Horizant used:

  • The Archibus Space Management application to understand where the employees were usually located and what equipment they needed.
  • BIM information from the Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD and Revit
  • The hoteling concept.
  • IoT sensors to track how the space was actually being used.

The Results

The benefits for the client were manifold:

  • Safe use of the space was ensured and even improved over normal patterns.
  • Monitoring of the space was improved.
  • Confirmed adherence to the cleaning and safety protocols.

Preparation of Labs and Clinics for COVID-19 Testing

The Challenge

A public sector client needed to quickly identify, coordinate, and prepare a number of labs and clinics across the country to respond to the pandemic.

This involved:

  • Pinpointing exact locations.
  • Itemize amenities, accessibility, and other details.
  • Categorizing the labs and clinics for cleaning contracts.

The Solution

Horizant used existing data and software applications to provide the needed outputs in a matter of days. The client was using Archibus licenses for:

  • Space Inventory and Performance application
  • Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD and Revit

The Results

The clinics and labs were cleaned and open in time to respond to the growing pandemic response needs.

Horizant is Here to Help You Respond Effectively

Whether you’re an existing client or not, we are happy to help your facility management or corporate real estate management program to pivot.

Contact us for a free consultation on responding to the pandemic and keeping your team safe.

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