When we sat down with Joey St. Jacques of Hydro Ottawa his department was responsible for managing approximately 90 buildings with capital operating work budgets ranging from $5 to 20 million dollars depending on the time of year. “We use ARCHIBUS for everything, from the construction of substations to the construction of an office; even down to changing out lights and other fixtures.” Keeping an eye on properties like substations is made easier with ARCHIBUS.

“We find it’s the efficiency of the software and we get great gains in productivity when using the software. There is a lot of data that comes back to us that we can measure.” St. Jacques is all about the numbers and finds ARCHIBUS’ dashboards and efficiency ratios extremely helpful and important. “We have service level agreements with the different departments in the organization, and we can track everything from materials, furniture, moves, adds and changes. We manage all of that and its all billed back on a monthly or quarterly basis. We are always under pressure to reduce our costs and how are we are managing that.” Through ARCHIBUS’ move management software, Hydro Ottawa captures a lot of data required to reduce costs. ARCHIBUS helps Hydro Ottawa replace the old excel spreadsheets with dashboards that include real time, accurate data.

And just as reporting has changed so has the nature of Hydro Ottawa’s business. “The green side is what we’re looking towards understanding. I’ve noticed new modules that ARCHIBUS is offering in greening, and part of that is the lead on new buildings. We don’t know the issues that it can create…you can get into wind load and snow load on these units and how that would effect the structure in our substations. It’s something we are trying to set the system up in ARCHIBUS to allow us to start tracking maintenance. It could come down to everything from cleaning, making sure there’s no issues with the structure, and it’s just more or less managing that system through ARCHIBUS.

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